• How to create a custom keyboard layout ?

    Hello everyone,

    I recently installed Antergos. I use a typematrix 2030 as keyboard with a DVORAK layout. My mother tong is French and I would like to create a DVORAK layout with accent, replace the ` key by a dead key and when I press this dead key and the key ‘a’ for example, I get a ‘à’ with accent.
    I search on the internet but I found nothing… Does anyone have the solution ?

    Thank you and have a good day :)

  • @xqlimax
    I have some old notes here, but you’ll have to dig further. Look on the net for xev -event keyboard which is the first step detecting the value of a key) and for xmodmap -e 'keycode <value>=' which is the way to disable, change, add a value to a key.

    Example removing and readding the return key:

    xmodmap -e 'keycode 36='
    xmodmap -e 'keycode 36=Return'

    I hope this is enough for you get more info on the web.

  • I tried to edit the xmodmap but it´s to difficult. I found a dvorak international with dead key it work well I can do all the letter with accent exept the Ç but I don´t find the double quote…
    I guess I will continue to use Dvorak and when I have to write in French I´ll use the international layout.

    Thank you for your help :)

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