• HP LT4211 Mobile Broadband Card Configuration

    I need some help getting the above referenced mobile broadband card running properly. I did an exhaustive write up of my troubleshooting to date over at fedoraforum.org, and it can be found here, please give it a read. I’ve switched from Fedora to Antergos about a month ago, and got no measurably better result. I’d rather deal with this in Antergos as I have a better chance of getting a code update prior to rapture.

    I’ve also read this page. Though it was a bit hard to follow and I’m not sure it really applies. I’m afraid I may have gone down a rabbit hole with no solution at the bottom. It refers to the card in its example as being an “old card” and this one is very much not that. It’s a new card in the m.2 form factor for an HP Elitebook Folio 9480m.

    I’d love some help with this in the form of a walk-through ideally, but I’d settle for a simple nudge in a positive direction.

    If you would like new logging or commands run to verify any settings/configuration I’m more than willing.

    Thank you collectively for your time.


  • @chipsharpdotcom
    If everything fails no matter what you try, an alternative is buying an USB Wireless Adapter, they usually work fine(just avoid the cheaper ones). If you need a 5 ghz connection, get a good ac wifi adapter, if your router is 2.4 ghz a b/g/n or n wifi adapter will work. Usually they are plug and play on linux, no installation needed in most cases.

  • @ssspacez You’re talking 802.11x wi-fi. This post is in regards to a 4gLTE mobile broadband card.

  • Oh, I see, I’ve never used one of those, did you try on any Ubuntu based distros? They usually have a very good hardware support and almost everything works. Maybe you can burn an iso and use the live media to test if it works there, I think if it doesn’t work with Ubuntu either… probably it will be hard to make it work on any other distro. I can’t help you, sorry, let’s see if anyone knows how to solve this, I whish you luck.

  • @ssspacez Yeah, been there and done that. I’ve been living in Ubuntu for a couple years and when they killed Unity and went to stock gnome, I determined there was no reason to not try out some others. Ubuntu had this issue, as did Fedora, as does Antergos.

  • Maybe there’s no support for Linux:

    Manual page:
    Works with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10”

    But some people are saying that they managed to make it work, check this thread https://askubuntu.com/questions/603457/hp-lt4112-lte-hspa-gobi-4g-modem-huawei-me906e-qmi-not-working-14-04#603531

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