• Display messed up after 1st install : AMD R9 280X graphic card

    I think the subject says it all.

    1 out of my 3 monitors lights up in a very (very !) low resolution, blinking and displays only upper left part of desktop. I guess the driver crash for my graphic card.

    I had to install XFCE and select autologin so I can do something :
    Now, I can barely type command in a terminal (butI could write a shell script through live session which is working perfect)
    But I cannot use add/remove program or anything else because of the low resolution.

    Thanks for your help in sorting this out.
    I guess it is a driver related issue.
    How can I download and install a new one ?

    thanks again.

  • @francois-pda

    Ok, the issue comes from one of my monitor connected through a Displayport->HDMI passive adaptator.

    If I unplug this monitor, I boot properly.

    I tried plugin the monitor once on gnome desktop but all my screens turn black.
    Again, my 3 monitors work fine in the live iso session.

    Should I install arandr in the live iso, get the xrandr command line and run it once booted on my hard drive ?

  • Xrandr can do the trick, I can see under xfce that changing multi-monitor settings with xfce setting tool do some glitches, but works fine after restarting lightdm.

    To get a working xrandr command you need to friggle with it a bit, but if you know the right resolutions and marker for the displays you should get it working.

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