• How to make Ubuntu Mono look good in terminal without cairo-ubuntu

    I recently had to uninstall cairo-ubuntu since it hasn’t been updated in a while and was causing issues with some other packages requires new versions of cairo. After uninstalling, my Ubuntu Mono font does not look good in terminal at my standard font size. Especially letters such as a and e have weird spacing and looks.

    Trying to fix this I have discovered many threads about improving fonts on Arch, but nothing concise that worked (read that infiniality is also having issues now). Does anyone know how I can make my Ubuntu Mono font look good again (or suggest a very similar font to use instead)?

  • @cheflo
    How about installing package ttf-ubuntu-font-family, have you tried it?

  • Thanks for the reply. I do have the Ubuntu packages installed and I didn’t find anything useful in the arch font wiki for my purposes. I ended up applying a patch that was provided in the comments to the AUR package. Everything is good for now, but it would be great with a long term fix not dependent on cairo-ubuntu (if at all possible).

  • @cheflo
    Just out of curiosity, which terminal are you using?

    I tried Ubuntu Mono Regular from package ttf-ubuntu-font-family and it seems quite good on xfce4-terminal.

    Also a good terminal font in my mind is Liberation Mono Regular.

    But so far the best that I’ve tested is Consolas Regular.

  • I am using terminator, which is based on gnome-terminal and looks the same. I have been experiencing this issue in gVim as well. The font looks good at very large font sizes, it is almost like at small sizes, the wrong pixels are used … I attach a screenshot how it looks in gVim without cairo-ubuntu (ugly, left) and with (nice, right).

    ugly(left) and nice (right) rendering

  • Pay special attention to a and e to notice how the spacing vertically within the character appears to be disproportional on the left side (e.g. there is almost no empty space in the upper compartment of the e).

  • I’m also using terminator as my main terminal program.
    Another good font has been inconsolata, worth a try in my mind.
    But I’m not a font expert, I just use the one that appeals to my eyes.

  • I accidentally found Audimat Mono font years ago. Immediately fell in love with it, and since then can’t use other monospaced fonts. The font works well not only in terminals, but also in graphical applications, in all DEs. No additional tools or packages are needed to use it.


    Sorry for off-topic.

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