• Wallpaper with Terminal Commands

    Wouldn’t it be nice to create a wallpaper and put some of the most common terminal commands and what each one of them do? It can be a learning tool, the wallpaper is always there, if you don’t remember exactly what to type is a quick way to remember and to learn new commands.

    A table with pacman commands, how to update, install, remove, get hardware info and other common tasks, something like this, but focused on Arch terminal commands.

  • A specific wallpaper can be created to be used on the Antergos Rescue desktop too, with rescue, backup, hardware info and other commands.

  • Something simple like this, but with more commands and more eye candy and with categories:


  • A hot link from the top main forum menu with the above info would be great for first time users and maybe not so new users.

    Don’t listen to me as I’m just a new folk here.

  • Here is my version of the idea:


    Anyone who knows the most useful terminal commands feel free to suggest, create, copy or modify this wallpaper idea.

  • i like the idea 👍 and following!

  • This is harder than I thought because of scaling and different types of monitor resolutions, you need to create 12 different wallpapers I think, so… good editing skills are needed and you have to use editing softwares like GIMP or Krita to make them, I don’t want to learn that right now so I won’t do that. I made the image with spreadsheet+screenshot, I use it centered and use the blur effect on the wallpaper with KDE(because the image doesn’t cover the whole screen), my last and final version of it:


    If there is some genius of the editing softwares out there that knows some Arch terminal commands, feel free to make one or more wallpapers like that, I’m sure some people will like it and use it.

  • @ssspacez

    I’m not sure if you use conky but you shoulgive it a try to display your text. That way you could display all the text you want and change your wallpaper at will.

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