• Logout/Shutdown not closing programs properly

    Every time I shutdown or logout and back in I’m getting the “Chrome didn’t shut down properly” and restore lost documents messages from chrome and libreoffice. Presumably this means that the logout/shutdown function is not properly closing those (and other?) programs properly. Any help at all is appreciated.

  • Shutdown and logout are not required to care about the proper closing of running applications, and don’t do it.

    Shutdown simply sends the KILL signal to all running processes. And powers off the system after that.

    You may reproduce this behaviour by sending the KILL signal from System Monitor to a running process. The process will be killed immediately, without caring about saving and closing open pages, sites, documents, etc. in the application.

  • The message about Chrome/Chromium not closed properly appears regardless of whether I closed the browser manually before restarting the system or not. It happens to me on each OS, not on Linux only. I’d say it’s a feature, not a bug.

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