• SSD is awesome , boot in 3 seconds

    I’m using an old laptop(5+ years), and my HDD was taking too long to boot, between 40 seconds and 1 minute, then I bought a SSD, opened the laptop and replaced the HDD(just remove and plug the SSD), here are the results:

    Startup finished in 1.148s (kernel) + 1.953s (userspace) = 3.102s
    graphical.target reached after 1.931s in userspace

    3 seconds to boot, I’m using KDE now but I bet other DEs and distros have similar results, so between pushing the button to turn on the computer + login it takes about 10 seconds, that’s amazing.

    It’s not just boot time, apps launch in 1 second or 2, a bit more heavy apps like LibreOffice launch in 3 seconds, it’s just fantastic, games boot faster too.

    I highly recommend everyone buying a SSD, if you don’t use a lot of storage it can be a cheap upgrade and everything seems faster(buying more RAM or faster RAM helps too), just get a 120 or 240 GB SSD, install any distro with a pendrive and you are good to go. An alternative is putting all your system in a SSD and your files(/home) in a HDD because HDDs are cheaper, that might work well too.

  • @ssspacez I’m jealous now, my best time is a little less than 5 seconds.

  • NICE!! Fantastic! :D

  • Best upgrade I ever made was to an SSD!

  • what kind of a solid state drive did you get @JonPaul ?

  • @modisc Hi Modisc Samsung 850 Evo 250GB. Very good! Use my old 1TB Toshiba for data in the CD slot (laptop)

  • I forgot to say one could use the CD/DVD drive of a laptop and use it as an extra storage space, I’ve found a guide explaining how to do it:


    It’s an interesting idea, I don’t use CDs or DVDs anymore, but you will need to buy a little piece, I think it’s called ‘caddy’ and put the extra SSD or HDD inside it.

  • Five years, how did you manage to keep it running for too long?
    My laptop only lasted for 2-years, then afterwards I need to buy a new one.

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