• Budgie extras

    I don’t know how many use budgie on here but the kind ubuntubudgie team have now put their budgie-extras-git on aur!

  • @jonpaul

    It should be relatively easy to write a simple PKGBUILD from this.
    And when you have PKGBUILD file, then it is easy to install.

  • @manuel

    man makepkg
    man PKGBUILD
  • @manuel Why not pacaur -S budgie-extras-git ? As simple as you can get 😀

  • The Budgie man sent me this…
    install dependencies

    sudo pacman -S xorg-xprop xorg-xinput xorg-xrandr xdotool wmctrl
    yaourt xprintidle

  • @chrisflr
    You’re right! Was too lazy to check, sorry about that.

  • @jonpaul
    You can install it also with pamac-manager:

    • set AUR support on
    • set AUR update support on

    and install your selection of AUR packages. It will handle the dependencies automatically.

  • Sorry again! Why didn’t I read the initial post carefully? 🤕

  • @manuel Hi Manuel. I was chatting with the ubuntubudgie devs via github and it wasn’t on the aur when we started the conversation!! Cheers

  • @jonpaul
    Thanks Jon! I already thought I’d lost it… ;)

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