• Audio: short static bursts

    Whenever the system is not tasked to play any audio it’s as if it goes to some kind of ‘silent mode’. Every time it does this, a short static burst goes through the speakers.
    The speakers are fine, I was running ubuntu before and that problem didn’t occur there (but many other problems did… but I digress)

    Another static burst goes through when I play some music or watch a video, anything to ‘wake up’ the audio department.

    I don’t know how to better describe this and I can’t find anything helpful while googling about this issue. Also, it has to be a software issue, what speakers these are (it does this static burst on headphones, too) and what system specs are present is irrelevant.

    The objective would be to disable this (annoying) mechanic of the system going into some kind of passive mode while not playing audio.

  • So I was right about this transitioning to ‘passive mode’.
    Thanks to your second link I knew what I was supposed to look for.
    The solution is given in the answer here.

  • I can’t edit my posts for some reason. Every time I try to, apparently my connection to this forum was lost.
    How do I change the topic tag to ‘solved’?

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