• Keyboard control/shortcuts for Pamac in Gnome

    I use Gnome and like to operate by keyboard shortcuts as much as possible.

    I can open Pamac by hitting Super key, start typing “add” or “update” (single letter is enough), hit enter. Close by Ctrl Q.

    My problem is that once Pamac is open there appears to be no keyboard control - can only work by point and click.

    Does anyone know of any keyboard shortcuts or a way of creating some for this GUI?


  • @anivegmin oops just discovered CTRL F opens search. Any others?

  • I think the Manjaro Forum is the best place to ask this question because they are the maintainers of the package, if you want more keyboard shortcuts make a feature request there or on https://github.com/manjaro/pamac.

  • Nice Post.

  • Hi @anivegmin, good post. From the main Package Manager window, you can actually start typing for a search without even having to use CTRL-F. You can also tab to the different options on the left without the cursor. And, though you can tab to the different items on a list of software, I have yet to figure out how to select them. Enter/Return and Spacebar do not seem to work. Hope this helps somewhat. If anyone knows more ways of working this with just the keyboard I’d be curious, too.

  • Thanks for the responses. Yeah I noticed that you can tab around the options but non-selectable. Will look on Manjaro/github.

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