• Thinkpad X220 installation problem

    I got a thinkpad X220, i wanted to install Antergos KDE, but i run into a problem.
    In the live environment, Antergos does not recognize the wifi connection (i don’t have access to Ethernet connection), when i run the command
    ip link
    It doesn’t show any brand of wifi manufacturer.
    I used the tethering on my phone, and i got cinci to begin the installation process, but the speed was so slow, that i interrupted it.
    Can someone help me please?
    Thanks in advance guys

  • @graidia
    Hi and welcome to Antergos! :)

    For me command “ip link” does not show correct info about connections.
    Could you try command



    And anyway, if you got the connection (albeit slow) with phone tethering (USB I presume?) then the problem may have been show mirrors. If that’s the case, you can and should select mirrors manually during the install.

    Usually the mirrors closest to your location are the fastest, although not all of them are the most up to date, but that’s another problem that can be solved after the install phase.
    At least you could disable mirrors far away from your location.

  • Thank you Manuel for your input
    The problem is not related to the mirrors, because before the installation, i run a speed test, the download speed was 100 kb and the upload speed was 16 Mb.
    I did a little bit of research and this problem happens only with linux with android.
    So, can someone help me to fix the wifi card problem. The problem when i log on in the live environment it says airplane mode is On, press on the hardware button to turn it off, when i press on Fn+F5, nothing happens . I think the card is intel centrino 6502 or something like that.one weird thing that this card should be detected by the kernel. Can some one help me to fix this installation problem plz!!!

  • i just bought a linksys N600 wifi usb adapter,but i have the same problem, antergos (live mode) doesn’t detect it.i still have the same airplane mode activated.
    guys do you know can i install the Linksys N600 wifi adapter plz?

  • @graidia
    Here’s a good info source: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Wireless_network_configuration

    Maybe your card is Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205?

    You could show some info about your hardware:

    sudo pacman -S --needed inxi
    sudo inxi -Fxxc0
  • found the solution for the airplane mode,it was just a tiny switch on the left side that enables and disables the airplane mode.

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