• KAV script installation

    In AUR is a package - kav. All works, checked. But i really need a script that would do the same (installation kav), but in any Linux system.
    Look at source. I think it would be possible to make such a script. If so, I would be very grateful if you make someone.

  • @tuxnot
    Looks basically quite simple, since there is the PKGBUILD file that already covers most of the installation steps (copying files). The only one (in my mind) that is hidden somewhere in pacman/makepkg etc. tools is mounting the ISO file, but that is simple, too.

    Mounting should be something like this (haven’t tested so may not fully work):

    sudo mkdir -p /root/tmp-kav-dir
    sudo mount -o loop /path/to/kav_rescue_10.iso /root/tmp-kav-dir

    and after copying the needed files from /root/tmp-kav-dir to your chosen install directory (e.g. /opt/kav), you can just umount the temporary directory:

    sudo umount /root/tmp-kav-dir

    Hopefully that answers your question. :)

  • However there may be some inherent differences between Antergos and other distros. Specifically I mean the build function in PKGBUILD has a command unsquashfs that may be something different in other distros.

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