• Evolution EWS and Office365 calendar

    Hi, I searched the forums and haven’t found this issue so I guess I’ll post.

    I have installed Evolution and the evolution-ews package. Using gnome-online-accounts (GOA), I connected my exchange credentials to my company’s Office365 instance. I can read, send email and view my contacts, however my calendar is blank. There are recurring meetings in my calendar, I know this because I can see them in the MS Outlook client and on my phone.

    Things I’ve tried:

    1. Deleting the GOA account and setting it up again.
    2. Setting up ExchangeEWS though Evolution (as opposed using GOA)
    3. I have “Synchronize remote mail locally in all folders” enabled in Receiving options.
    4. Start Evolution w/ “evolution --gtk-debug=error” produces a ton of output nothing that looks like an error that would point to a problem.

    Strangely, when I add an item to my calendar in Evolution, I can see it in the other clients (outlook and phone). Any new items I add from the other clients are not visible in Evolution.

    I did the same setup and got this did work under Ubuntu at one point (maybe 1-2 years ago).

    Any Ideas?

  • do you try also gnome calendar?

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    how to add system logs:
    wget http://bit.ly/2GCG9k2 && sh 2GCG9k2
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  • @joekamprad said in Evolution EWS and Office365 calendar:

    do you try also gnome calendar?

    Yes. I can see it as a selectable calendar, but it’s blank also.

  • bump. Anyone?

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