• How to install VirtualBox


    Sometimes newcomers to VirtualBox have problems installing it properly, so I decided to write something about how to install it “the right way”. If you feel this is not the right way, please give your comments!

    First, lets make some concepts clear. We have a host machine and possibly several guest machines.

    Host machine is running on real hardware. It is the machine that runs a number of guest virtual machines. Host does that with VirtualBox.

    Virtual machines (or VMs for short) are operating system installations using the services of VirtualBox software, not the hardware directly. So a VM is separated from the real hardware.

    Guest additions are programs that make the guests perform much better. They are not strictly required, but in practice they are very useful.

    Now, how to install VirtualBox packages properly to the host and guest? Here’s a list for both.


    • virtualbox
    • virtualbox-ext-oracle (AUR package, optional but very useful)
    • virtualbox-guest-iso (if guest doesn’t have guest additions by default, e.g. Windows)
    • one of:
      virtualbox-host-modules-arch (if only linux kernel is used)
      virtualbox-host-dkms (if linux-lts kernel is used)
    • optionally required:
      linux-headers (if virtualbox-host-dkms and linux kernel are used)
      linux-lts-headers (if virtualbox-host-dkms and linux-lts kernel are used)


    • virtualbox-guest-utils
    • one of:
      virtualbox-guest-modules-arch (if only linux kernel is used)
      virtualbox-guest-dkms (if linux-lts kernel is used)
    • optionally required:
      linux-headers (if virtualbox-guest-dkms and linux are used)
      linux-lts-headers (if virtualbox-guest-dkms and linux-lts are used)
  • If you have Windows as a quest, the virtualbox-guest-iso package installed into your Antergos host can provide guest additions to Windows.

    Be advised to install the guest additions into Windows! It lets you e.g. resize the Windows window, has better USB support, and gives many more enhancements under the hood.

    You’ll see a new CD/DVD drive in Windows. Open it and you’ll see some .exe files, start the proper one of them, unless Windows already informed you about installing the guest additions. And continue according to the instructions.

  • Hi!
    I made this 2 videos on youtube:



    OBS: Im still learning how to make good videos.

  • @fernandomaroto
    Great videos, thanks for making them! :)
    They clearly show all phases of installing Virtualbox and virtual machines, and the most important configurations for them.

    One tiny little thing to clarify about the second video: how to use groups vboxsf and vboxusers. I gathered you recommend the user should be added to both groups in both guest and host. But (by default) group vboxsf exists only in the guest, and vboxusers exist only in the host.
    So you need to assign user to vboxsf only in guest, and vboxusers only in host.

    Cheers! :)

  • @manuel said in How to install VirtualBox:

    Great videos, thanks for making them!

    Thanks, i plan to make videos like that to help other users like “midfngr” helped me on the linux journey: https://www.youtube.com/user/midfingr/videos.

    So you need to assign user to vboxsf only in guest, and vboxusers only in host.

    Ah thanks, I added the commands long time ago to portergos installer so no matter if the user is under VM or RM but i’ll make it specific to each one now.

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