• I made a free asset pack for 3D aftists!

    I have put a lot of work into making this highly stylized asset pack that is useful for anyone on 3D platforms. It is great for game engines and animations. Its shaders support the Blender Internal renderer, Cycles render, and even the new EEVEE engine from the Blender 2.8 project! I chose shaders that look good and render fast! My cycles render only had two samples in my demo scene!


    Download link

    Sorry that I can’t embed the video!

  • @cadenmitchell I guess I can’t change the name of my topic!

  • This is so interesting @CadenMitchell :) . I love it! Your 3D animations look wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • BTW: the inability to edit posts is annoying!

  • @keegan Thank you so much! ;)

  • @piotr I definitely agree!

  • You’re welcome :) . Your artwork is truly amazing!

    P.S. Can’t WAIT to be able to edit our posts again!

  • @keegan How come we can’t edit them now?

  • I think it has to do with the Antergos forum having recently had to update some of its back-end components, but I could be wrong here. I know the devs are working on it, but it could be a little while!

  • And would you know of any tutorials I could watch to learn how to do what you pulled off above? That was truly amazing :) .


  • @keegan You use Blender?

    Anyways, I would watch some low poly modeling tutorials on YouTube. Also, regular modeling tutorials would be very helpful too! Just learn the basics of Blender (Blender Guru has a good beginners series about navigating Blender and all that), then learn the shortcuts, and finally watch a modeling tutorial series. Again, Blender Guru has a good one here. I’ve only been using Blender for about a year now and I finally got decent at modeling. I decided to make it a goal to make a low poly asset pack to test my skills. If you’d like you can download the pack and see how I made everything. It is very stylized with things like doors and windows having strange proportions.

    Also, I thought that it may be worth mentioning that Cycles is great for making still images but animations may take a long time to render. I’d recommend using the Blender Render for making animations because it renders ten times faster! You can still make it look realistic too. I’m currently trying to make a photorealistic shader for it that will make any scene look accurate to the real world!

    Sory if this comment got too long or off-topic! ;)

  • Sorry if this comment got too long or off-topic! 😉

    No! I loved reading it :) . Thank you so much @CadenMitchell.

    I don’t really use Blender, but have a short video for Linux that I would love to be able to create. It would basically be a short little story showcasing Linux’s abilities and strengths. Kind of like a fun ad for Linux, especially for Antergos and my own distro, Reborn OS :) . Would you be interested in hearing my idea? If you are, just message me and I’ll tell you more. I don’t want to bog down the Antergos forum with my own projects (the ones that are Reborn OS related). After all, that would be sort of like promoting Apple on the Microsoft forums😄.

    Thanks! (And you’re work is truly incredible. I love it!)

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