• Deepin randomly mounting partitions at login

    Newly installed deepin - on login deepin wants to mount partitions that are not in fstab on /run/media/… and is asking for a password. I cannot find out why/where it is trying to mount these partitions. It does not do so in my gnome session.

  • @jonpaul I added the partitions to file/etc/fstab and disabled automount. Fixed the problem.

  • Is this right because it’s still trying to mount the disk
    /dev/sda5: UUID=“2db21f39-2946-4bf4-b0f6-dce19b0131fa” TYPE=“ext4” PARTLABEL=“Arch” PARTUUID=“ac10471e-7038-4a1a-b32c-4bd8aad4be86”
    UUID=2db21f39-2946-4bf4-b0f6-dce19b0131fa /run/media/paul/2db21f39-2946-4bf4-b0f6-dce19b0131fa ext4 noauto 0 0

  • @jonpaul partition I mean!

  • @manuel - they don’t help. and it really is completely random. one boot it’s /dev/sda4 which has windows 10. next boot /dev/sda5 which has arch. next boot /dev/sdb3 which is spare. it happens after the deepin desktop has loaded in a small white window.

  • Found it! The ‘problem’ was in deepin file manager (which handles the desktop) which had automount set on!

  • That’s good to know you’ve managed to fix your problem. Your solution seems to be simpler than mine.
    Anyway, I tried once again my way to fix the issue to see if it works. Looks like it’s fine.

    I ran following command:

    $ sudo blkid /dev/sdaX # X - your partition

    and added this line to /etc/fstab file:

    UUID=23C76A604A0E2B5 ntfs noauto # Replace the UUID with yours generated by blkid
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