• Change Grub Menu Boot Order

    Hi folks,
    Im looking how to change grub2 menu boot order.

  • Hi folks,
    Im looking how to change grub2 menu boot order.

  • I could be wrong but I dont think you can change the order by any other method than editing grub.cfg manually. You can change the default entry that grub selects for boot after timeout in /etc/default/grub but the menu entries would remain in the order they appear currently. If you don’t change your grub menu often then I would just go ahead and edit the file and move the entries how you want them. However, if you tend to run grub-mkconfig often then that will become a PIA very quick


  • I don’t see here where I can change which one to boot first.

    \# Preload both GPT and MBR modules so that they are not missed  
    GRUB\_PRELOAD\_MODULES="part\_gpt part\_msdos"  
    \# Uncomment to enable Hidden Menu, and optionally hide the timeout count  
    \# Uncomment to use basic console  
    \# Uncomment to disable graphical terminal  
    \# The resolution used on graphical terminal  
    \# note that you can use only modes which your graphic card supports via VBE  
    \# you can see them in real GRUB with the command \`vbeinfo'  
    \# Uncomment to allow the kernel use the same resolution used by grub  
    \# Uncomment if you want GRUB to pass to the Linux kernel the old parameter  
    \# format "root=/dev/xxx" instead of "root=/dev/disk/by-uuid/xxx"  
    \# Uncomment to disable generation of recovery mode menu entries  
    \# Uncomment and set to the desired menu colors. Used by normal and wallpaper  
    \# modes only. Entries specified as foreground/background.  
    \# Uncomment one of them for the gfx desired, a image background or a gfxtheme  
    \# Uncomment to get a beep at GRUB start  
    \#GRUB\_INIT\_TUNE="480 440 1"  
  • That isnt your grub.cfg


  • For me Grub Customizer is my preferred app for this. My netbook have W8.1+Antergos+Other linux+Android-x86 in that order.

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