• Cannot install lxde. Help.

    I installed AntergOS with Openbox DE. I want to install lxde.
    I did sudo pacman -S lxde … But an error message stops me from installing lxde.

    [[email protected] ~]$ sudo pacman -S lxde
    [sudo] password for yajan: 
    :: There are 17 members in group lxde:
    :: Repository community
       1) gpicview  2) lxappearance  3) lxappearance-obconf  4) lxde-common
       5) lxde-icon-theme  6) lxdm  7) lxhotkey  8) lxinput  9) lxlauncher
       10) lxmusic  11) lxpanel  12) lxrandr  13) lxsession  14) lxtask
       15) lxterminal  16) openbox  17) pcmanfm
    Enter a selection (default=all): 
    warning: gpicview-0.2.5-3 is up to date -- reinstalling
    warning: lxsession-1:0.5.3-1 is up to date -- reinstalling
    warning: lxterminal-0.3.1-1 is up to date -- reinstalling
    warning: openbox-3.6.1-3 is up to date -- reinstalling
    warning: pcmanfm-1.2.5-2 is up to date -- reinstalling
    resolving dependencies...
    looking for conflicting packages...
    :: lxappearance and lxappearance-gtk3 are in conflict. Remove lxappearance-gtk3? [y/N] y
    :: lxappearance-obconf and lxappearance-obconf-gtk3 are in conflict. Remove lxappearance-obconf-gtk3? [y/N] y
    :: lxinput and lxinput-gtk3 are in conflict. Remove lxinput-gtk3? [y/N] y
    :: lxtask and lxtask-gtk3 are in conflict. Remove lxtask-gtk3? [y/N] y
    error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
    :: antergos-openbox-meta: removing lxappearance-obconf-gtk3 breaks dependency 'lxappearance-obconf-gtk3'
    :: antergos-openbox-meta: removing lxinput-gtk3 breaks dependency 'lxinput-gtk3'
    :: antergos-openbox-meta: removing lxtask-gtk3 breaks dependency 'lxtask-gtk3'
    [[email protected] ~]$ 
  • @yajanbasel said in Cannot install lxde. Help.:


    sudo pacman -R antergos-openbox-meta is needed, as dependencies of it will be removed in your case.

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  • Hi,

    You should install lxde-gtk3 instead of lxde

    sudo pacman -S lxde-gtk3


  • @karasu
    But lxde-gtk3 is not shown in pamac! Only in pacman…

    System info commands:
    lsblk -fm
    sudo blkid
    sudo fdisk -l

  • @karasu
    Sorry, just noticed it is found in pamac groups (only).

    System info commands:
    lsblk -fm
    sudo blkid
    sudo fdisk -l

  • LXDE also has problems installing on Manjaro. I made the bootable media and it wouldn’t load on my 11-year-old computer. I tested it on my newer laptop and it didn’t work there either. Maybe Arch just has bad compatibility with LXDE.

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