• Different keyboard layout before and after login

    my keyboard layout changes before and after I login.
    So I have to type in my password differently when I want to log in.

    While I am logged in the keyboard layout seems to be the same in every application. Even when I get prompted a popup of the system to type in my password.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks, Shurkan2

  • so what do you choose on installation then? keyboard-layout / language / region???

  • I chose a English(USA) keyboard layout . And thats the only layout in the list.
    For my Language I chose German, Germany.

    Should it all be unified to english?

  • So after login you have us-English keyboard? And DE is Gnome?

  • I don’t know what solved the issue, but it seems like now the keyboard layout is the same everywhere.
    Thank you though :)

  • May a reboot solved it

  • No :D I rebooted several times before.

    That would have been to easy

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