• Mouse is wiggeling around

    I am having trouble with my mouse.
    Some minutes after booting my mouse starts to “shiver”.
    I am using my build in mousepad.
    This occurs even when no application is open.
    My system is up to date, I am using gnome 3.26.2.

    What can I do to fix this issue?
    Thanks, shurkan2

    System specifications:
    64-bit, Antergos Linux
    Intel Celeron CPU N2840 @ 2.16GHz × 2
    Intel Bay Trail

  • Have you tried this possible solution:

    link text

  • I had a look at that. But the porblem just suddenly occures, even though I the laptop wasn’t in sleep or hibernate mode.
    I also tried to use a different mouse, no wiggle there.
    So it is only the build in touchpad… I can’t just swap that out :D

  • to get into your issue then it will need some info about the hardware itself.

  • wget http://bit.ly/2GCG9k2 && sh 2GCG9k2

    will give a sumup and logs from last boot… as url what link to a pastebin…

  • This post is deleted!
  • UEFI: LENOVO v: CCCN18WW(V2.04) date: 11/11/2015

    May Biosupdate aviable?


  • There was something wrong with my bios before…
    Because I had ubuntu installed before it corrupted my bios:

    I follewed the steps seen in the link to recover the bios with a new ubuntu kernel.
    Maybe something else is still corrupted.

    I will try to update my bios

  • unfortunately I can only find .exe file of the bios update. (Specific to my laptop)
    Can I just convert it to .iso?

    I also found this bios download: https://support.lenovo.com/de/de/downloads/ds009477
    But I don’t know if I can use that one?

  • okay, I found the instructions on the page you send me how to extract an .exe and convert it to an .iso.

    But I get an error when I want to extract the .exe with cabextract:
    cccn21ww.exe: no valid cabinets found
    All done, erors in processing 1 file(s)

  • it didn’t work… now I lost my OS as a boot option in boot manager. :/

  • if you can not extract the bios files, or an ISO from the exe it can not work, and flashing the wrong BIOS can only fail or destroy your BIOS!

  • How can I create a proper iso from the exe?

    If that doesn’t work, I will install windows anduse the exe to update the bios.
    And than install Antergos again.
    I have to reinstall Antergos anayways, because my bootmanger can’t find it anymore

  • may you can use hiren-boot-cd

    It is a bootable win-xp, then have the ios exe an a usb stick and flash from there, so may more short then installing complete windows…

  • ios=bios ☺

  • ok, I will try to run hiren-boot-cd from a usb stick

  • it would not boot from usb stick, only if you modify stick to be able to do so… you can do with UNetbootin as far as i know… but i am not much of a help here at the moment ;)

  • nochoice, I don’t have a disk drive

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