• A really simple CMS!


    Recently I decided to kill the portal I was running for over 15 years. To not to leave the domain empty, I needed a simple personal website. Take a look at what I found: Pico CMS. Actually calling it CMS is kind of exaggeration: it uses no database, includes no backend, and bases on the markdown syntax. Exactly what I needed. On my site I used the atache theme, but there are more to choose from.


  • That is an amazing website @piotr :) . Just got it bookmarked! Is there any way I can help attract more visitors to it or bring it up further in online searches? (I at least have it bookmarked though…)


  • @keegan Thanks! Surely cross-linking always brings websites higher in search results, and we could link our sites to one another if you found it useful. However, the main aim of this post was to point out a simple and lightweight solution to build a not bad looking website in no time. :)

  • i must say keegan is right i like the webside also, it is looking awesome, and minimalistic!

  • I must say. it does look fabulous @piotr :) . I especially found the Pico CMS interesting! But come on, it’s always nice to get a few visitors. I’ll put it in my signature right away!

    God bless, and good luck!

  • @keegan said in A really simple CMS!:

    I’ll put it in my signature right away

    Haha! Thank you very much! Actually I think that adding links on websites themselves will be more than enough. I linked yours in the “Links” section. Let me know if I could/should link something else, too.

  • Thank you so much @piotr :) . I’ll add a link to it in my signature over on the Reborn OS forums also!

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