• Disable ALS

    Hi im just wondering is there a way to disable ALS
    the automatic light sensor on my dell xps laptop

    ive looked in the bios and nothing, looked in gnome standard settings nothing there
    i found ALS disable in dconf editor that hasnt worked when i disable

    i have to stick a bit of tape over the sensor! like to just remove a package or block a module to have rid of it …

  • @wayneward said in Disable ALS:

    the automatic light sensor on my dell xps

    NOTE: Updating to the current system BIOS on some system models may allow this issue to be addressed from the BIOS (EG: Vostro 5470 BIOS version A06 added an ON OFF feature for automatic brightness.)

  • that could be the way to go - i thought i might be able to blacklist it
    a bit easier but im guessing a newer bios wont do it any harm!!..

  • its a ubuntu edition laptop running antergos and its got the A07 and the next bios is A10
    but the stupid thing is - you get the update exe for windows or dos
    on a ubuntu edition laptop!?
    im not putting windows on it that would kill me!!
    id be scared of running the file in gnome using wine it might kill it!!

  • you can do it by booting with dos from usb stick ;) i do that before, but it is different on each system…

  • Ill give that a go thankyou let you know how i get on

  • Ill pull free dos and fire to a key and copy across the exe and run it
    Then check the bios to see if i get the option to disable als cheers guys
    Your right dell donks!

  • no joy
    i installed unetbootin
    installed freedos 1.0 from unetbootin to a usb key that i use for all my installs
    copied across the new bios exe
    but i just get a blinking cursor it wont boot from the usb key for some reason
    i dont use uefi its just legacy

    my laptop is this laptop

    ill try flash the key again…

  • for some reason the laptop locked up solid yesterday - the problem is you cant remove the battery on the dell 13 xps so have to wait for it to die!
    the als setting i set in gnome actually works now the light sensor is disabled! it now powers with no keyboard lights so i just turn them on manually now !
    very odd but its fixed itself!!
    but i did the initial settings in dconf editor. thanks for the suggestions though :)

  • To be true, I do not research, I was remember that I help someone before with that on a similar device and bios update give the setting…

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