• removing akonadi breaks dependency 'akonadi'

    You seem to have a system that hasn’t been updated much. That actually is calling for problems.

    Some of the packages on your list are no more available:


    Some are from AUR:


    I’d recommend you do the following:

    • in pamac: set AUR support on, and set “Remove unrequired dependencies” on
    • uninstall all of the above packages with pamac
    • reinstall only the ones you know you really need

    As a general rule, I recommend not using AUR packages if a similar or equal official package is available.

  • Hi there. I am affected by this in both my systems, too. It has nothing to do with a neglected system. Once again, I have no idea what pulled it in, it was not installed by me for sure. Running the command Manuel suggested showed it in the output.
    There s quite a long queue of messages in its AUR page and for the time being I d rather set it as ignored than going through all these messages so as to see what this is all about and what I will do about it. Much too busy and tired and out of clear mind, sorry guys.
    I surely don t like the solution suggested by its maintainer:
    **"Chazza commented on 2018-02-26 13:56
    Note to all - The akonadi-qt4 package conflicts with the KDE 5 version of akonadi and you need akonadi-qt4 to build kdepimlibs4. However, kdepimlibs4 only needs libakonadi-qt4 at runtime which doesn’t conflict with akonadi. So if you’re trying to build kdepimlibs4 but you have packages which depend on KDE 5 akonadi installed then what you need to do is the following:

    1. pacman -Rdd akonadi (this will uninstall KDE 5 akonadi with no dependency checks)

    2. Install akonadi-qt4 and libakonadi-qt4

    3. Build and install kdepimlibs4

    4. pacman -R akonadi-qt4

    5. pacman -S akonadi"**


  • @anarch said in removing akonadi breaks dependency 'akonadi':

    …I surely don t like the solution suggested by its maintainer:…

    Thanks for pointing it out, @anarch. I missed this comment.

    I dislike the suggested clumsy solution too, and prefer to completely remove kdepimlibs4 with all its dependencies. But it might work for users, who cannot live without some Qt4 applications< which depend on kdepimlibs4.

  • This is a typical problem with Arch based distros, and especially when using AUR packages.

    It seems that Arch (or whoever) developers sometimes “rearrange” previously official packages by putting them into AUR, so situations like this can occur. Also it seems that in these cases the AUR is considered as some kind of trash bin of old official packages, which in turn causes problems like in this thread. And this happens surprisingly often in my mind.

    Those packages should, at least, clearly be indicated as deprecated while updating the system. Now they are just silently ignored, unfortunately.

    Another somewhat related problem is using AUR packages in general. As they are not “official”, some of them are not adequately maintained. And that also causes problems sometimes. That’s why I’d always recommend not to use AUR packages if there are anything equivalent in the official packages.

    And sorry about this rant, this particular problem (of suddenly having deprecated packages without any warning) has bugged me so many times before.

  • @manuel said in removing akonadi breaks dependency 'akonadi':

    …That’s why I’d always recommend not to use AUR packages if there are anything equivalent in the official packages…

    I’m fully agree and share the same point of view. AUR is not a regular Arch repo. It’s better to avoid to install anything from it. If an AUR package is installed, be ready to face problems with it, sooner or later. Do not use AUR packages, or reduce their amount to bare minimum.

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