• Breeze Icons Not Working on GTK Applications

    On KDE Plasma 5.12.2, the GNOME Application Style Icon Themes aren’t working if any icons other than Adwaita, KFaenza or Oxygen are used. Any ideas on what caused this?

  • qt vs. gtk warship :) you have gtk app specific settings inside your kde theme settings…

  • @gaussbot said in Breeze Icons Not Working on GTK Applications:

    …Any ideas on what caused this?

    It may probably depend on icon themes used for Gtk apps in Plasma.

    On the picture there are Nemo file manager (bottom left), running in Plasma 5.12.2 (top center), using Potenza and Compass as main and fallback Gtk icon themes (bottom right).

    Nemo has no problem to display all its usual icons:


  • @joekamprad I know, and they’re being ignored. No idea why. I’ve tried reinstalling kde-gtk-config to no avail.

  • then it is may another tool overwriting it?

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