• Folders opening with Microsoft Code instead of Deepin File Manager

    I have deepin desktop installed as well as Microsoft code installed. Whenever I double click a folder it opens in Microsoft code instead of Deepin FIle Manager. Can someone please help revert this.

  • backup and remove settings:

    cp ~./configs/deepin/dde-file-manager ~./configs/deepin/dde-file-manager.bak
    rm -R ~./configs/deepin/dde-file-manager

    but may mimetype settings are done in another way on deepin…

  • Managed to sort it out by doing the following

    cp ~/.config/mimeapps.list ~/.config/mimeapps.list.bak

    and editing the line

    [Default Applications]
    inode/directory = dde-file-manager.desktop
  • good find!

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