• MAC address spoofing, why mask to look like same vendor?

    I have never had a reason to spoof my mac address… until recently, but I am curious. In reading the following article:

    macchanger can be set to go fully random, versus a way to mimic being from the same vendor (wifi/ethernet card I assume)

    What would be the scenario where each of these would be a better choice?

    Thank you!

  • @yeep I think it depends on the scenario ; what are you trying to achieve ? If you just want to hide your real mac address, random sounds sufficient.

  • @RandomDude Honestly I just want to mask the mac address because I believe this machine is on someones’ “naughty list”. the only scenario I can come up with for masking to look like it is from the same vendor, is if you are trying to hide in an area where all machines come from the same vendor, or more specifically, have the same networking hardware.

    I was really just curious what was the better choice. Thanks for responding.

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