• New Antergos Version?

    First off, I am VERY sorry if this is the wrong place for this question! Sorry! I need kernel 4.15 or else my system will boot and give me a black screen of death. Does anyone know when a new version of antergos will get released with kernel 4.15? I have an AMD Carrizo APU that had the black screen of death bug up until now. It’s been well over 2 years now that I couldn’t install linux. Only recently I was able to get ubuntu 17.10 to install and got lucky enough to install 4.15 before it BSOD on me.

  • Well, the current kernel version is as below:

    0_1519180712398_Zrzut ekranu z 2018-02-21 03-37-25.png

    Are you installing from the latest iso? The current version is 18.2.

  • Alright, thanks. Last time I checked I tried the 18.1 iso. I’ll go and install the 18.2 now then. Thanks!

  • Actually, how can I do nomodeset so it won’t black screen on me? The current install iso is only on kernel 4.14.5. It won’t even let me install antergos before getting a black screen. Farthest I’ve gotten so far is getting the packages from the repo for in install.

  • adding kernel options inside boot menu by pressing ‘e’ and go to the end of the boot line with pressing right arrow key and type nomodeset if you want the actual kernel try my testing ISO: http://kamprad.net/Downloads/Antergos-Nvidia-ISO/antergos-gnome-nvidia-nozfs-18.2-x86_64.iso

  • Thank you so much!! Now I’m up and running. Just need to figure out how to install the wifi drivers and I’m all set.

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