• CodeKeyboard media keys not recognized

    Hi guys,

    I have a CODE Keyboard from WASD Keyboards and it’s working quite good. But I just can’t get its media keys (play/pause, volume, …) to work. The media keys have to be pressed via a combination of the keyboard’s Fn key, for example: Fn+PageUp = Volume up.
    In Windows, everything works flawlessly. But in Antergos it seems to not receive anything at all. evtest or showkey --scancodes do not even receive a scancode.

    Is there anything I might need to enable or configure?

    The keyboard is connected via USB, my kernel is 4.15.3-2-ARCH and I’m on GNOME 3.26.2 (Xorg).


  • Welp, I found it.
    My Keyboard was plugged into a USB hub. When plugged into my laptop directly, the media keys work.

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