• Dell-Smbios drivers are not loaded.

    Hello everyone,

    I am pretty new to the Linux community. So, if this question is a dumb one, please forgive me for that. I have just installed Antergos 18.2 to my Dell Inspiron 5458 laptop. It runs on 4.15.2 kernel. Every time I start my laptop with Antergos, it gives me an error saying that “Dell-Smbios drivers are not loaded.” I don’t seem to have any issue with booting my laptop or anything like that, but the warning is so annoying to see it every single time I turn on my laptop. Thank you very much in advance.

    PS.: I am loving Antergos Linux so far. Thank you for the great job, dear developers.

  • yes i get a message too: " Dell smbios drivers will not be loaded on non Dell system" but my system is a Dell system…

    I will do some research later after work !

  • dmesg | grep dell
    [    3.576355] dell_smbios: Unable to run on non-Dell system
    [    3.581939] dell_smbios_wmi: Unknown symbol dell_smbios_call_filter (err -2)
    [    3.581946] dell_smbios_wmi: Unknown symbol dell_smbios_unregister_device (err -2)
    [    3.581982] dell_smbios_wmi: Unknown symbol dell_smbios_register_device (err -2)
  • @joekamprad said in Dell-Smbios drivers are not loaded.:


    modinfo dell-smbios
    filename:       /lib/modules/4.15.3-2-ARCH/kernel/drivers/platform/x86/dell-smbios.ko.xz
    license:        GPL
    description:    Common functions for kernel modules using Dell SMBIOS
    author:         Pali Rohár <[email protected]>
    author:         Gabriele Mazzotta <[email protected]>
    author:         Matthew Garrett <[email protected]>
    srcversion:     38B46C8D7AE16C50D487A16
    retpoline:      Y
    intree:         Y
    name:           dell_smbios
    vermagic:       4.15.3-2-ARCH SMP preempt mod_unload modversions 
  • i just false it… create

    sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-dell-smbios.conf

    with this entry:

    install dell-smbios /bin/false
  • @joekamprad said in Dell-Smbios drivers are not loaded.:

    i just false it… create

    sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-dell-smbios.conf

    with this entry:

    install dell-smbios /bin/false

    Thank you so very much! I appreciated that. I have another question if you don’t mind. Didn’t want to create another topic for it. When I try to see what the current level of laptop’s volume is, it highlights all the icon over there at the right upper corner. I cannot see what the current percentage is at the moment. Why can I not see it when I put my mouse on the volume icon without actually clicking it? Even if I actually click on it and open the bar, I still cannot see it there.

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