• Hello community

    Greetings from Finland -20 Celsius here! I ♥ Antergos - it just makes sense.

  • @troposphere Welcome to the community! And greetings from Poland! It’s 20 degrees warmer here. :)

  • @troposphere welcome here from germany too! -20 °C thats something i remember from years ago, here in berlin… BRRR

  • If you have a question just ask, we are very friendly species here!

  • ha ha i forget: warmly welcome! would be the right one ;)

  • @piotr @joekamprad Thank you for the kind words. :) I am new with Antergos and WM Deepin, have used years other distros RHEL/DEB but this is something love on the first sight, WOW! :D I was always avoiding Arch but lately I have tested new distros and I thought why not to give a shot to Arch by Antergos with Deepin and hooked immediately. 😍

    AUR seems to be awesome, distro runs fluently, easy to install, the community looks very kind, this is simply for everyone, no doubt! This is something; where have you been all these years my love moment. :)

    And thank you @joekamprad warm is what we need now because it’s getting even colder the end of the month approx. -30 Celsius. ;)


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