• Czech Keyboard HELP

    Hi , i try to go setting and leng setting add czech keyboard layouts but if i click on plus nothing responsed then any leng i cant add or delete just eng is here but i want use too czech [czechia leng] how to add or install it ?

  • must be aviable, you will need to expand the popup window…

  • @joekamprad there is the problem , nothing is there to see … its death in settings
    0_1519226265651_Screenshot from 2018-02-21 16-17-33.png
    maybe upload via terminal ?? but how ?

  • click on “other” first ;)

  • @joekamprad its okay now but it was very smaller windows first that is why i see other instead :) thanks solved.

  • you are not the only one do not get here how it works, it is quiet bad in design ;)

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