• Cannot use USB ntfs drives

    Hi, I’m encountering a lot of issues using USB pen and hard disk drives.
    If I connect an USB drive, the first time the system mount it without problem but if I try to copy or paste files I see strange speed values (sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow). After I disconnect the device, if I reconnect it the system see the drive but it canno’t mount it (GParted talks about a ntfs issue).
    I’ve installed the ntfs-3g library.

    This is the error for GParted:

    $MFTMirr does not match $MFT (record 0).
    Failed to mount '/dev/sdb': Errore di input/output
    NTFS is inconsistent. Run chkdsk /f on Windows then reboot it TWICE!
    The usage of the /f parameter is very IMPORTANT! No modification was
    made to NTFS by this software.

    What can I do? At the moment I cannot use any USB drive without the risk of corrupting it.

  • @deook said in Cannot use USB ntfs drives:

    Run chkdsk /f on Windows

    it says what to do, and i do not think issue is caused by plugging it under linux, it was maybe before unclean ejected under windows.

  • @joekamprad
    I have no Windows partition and I can reproduce the error on Linux without problems:

    • Format a pen drive with GParted
    • Copy data
    • list itemDisconnect the pen drive

    When I reconnect the pen drive the problem has returned.

  • So then also possible that the pendrive is defect… I do not want to say that it is impossible, that this is caused by Antergos/Linux but ntfs is a bad filesystem to use under linux…

    And in my own experience, big pendrives (depending on the storage technology on it!) formatted with ntfs, are very unstable… also under Windows…
    And allways make sure to sync before unplugging! you can do by typing syncin a terminal…
    unplug a not complete synced drive will caus corruption!

  • @deook

    I can’t reproduce here in all my 12 cheap chinese drives, gnome-disks and gparted works normally using or not disconnect function before unplug, no error message at all.
    Well, maybe partition table is broken or even some ntfs command is incompatible with the usb drive, try to create a new partition table then format it and check if happens again.

    In my knowledge file systems with journal in usb flash drives is unreasonable because overwrites same cell too many times reducing drive lifespan, I’m rather to avoid this usage.

  • I will try to recreate the partition table, but the USB pen drive works weel until now and with other computers.

  • @deook
    The USB port that you use may be on a shared hub, and if you have several devices behind a hub, that can cause problems - there may not be enough current.

    So you might want to try other USB ports of your machine, or remove any other USB devices that you don’t need currently.

    This is one possible reason, but hard to say how probable.

  • @manuel
    I’m not using any hub, only direct connection.

  • @deook Are you sure there is no USB hub inside your machine? It is not uncommon. Anyway, this is just eliminating possible reasons.

  • @manuel
    It’s an HP notebook with 3 USB ports, seems improbable that it use an hub.

  • @deook You are probably right. There have been cases where changing the USB port have fixed problems, that’s why I mentioned it.

  • @deook said in Cannot use USB ntfs drives:

    I’m not using any hub, only direct connection.

    Technically all usb onboard ports is connected to an internal onboard root hub which belongs to specific chip, with lspci -v you can visualize all controllers is and with lsusb -v you can visualize devices and properties.

    @deook said in Cannot use USB ntfs drives:

    I will try to recreate the partition table, but the USB pen drive works weel until now and with other computers.

    Is it working well with other computers? Other OSes?

    Is not clear in my mind but there are a command that try to repair inconsistency on ntfs partitions if I recall correctly is ntfsfix /dev/targetpartition, which is part of ntfs-3g package.

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