• [FIREFOX] Cannot save password

    Hello everyone !

    I installed Antergos few months ago. I notice I never be able to save my password with Firefox. Indeed, I cannot check the box “remember my password” (it’s gray) :
    alt text

    Any ideas ?
    Thanks !

    Sorry if I made mistakes, I’m not a English writer :D

  • i think you are the last firefox user here ;)

    I do not use it since i ban Windows from my workflow 15 years ago…

    but short install and check gives me this aviable:

  • Which desktop are you using ?
    Also are you logged into firefox …

    One last thing you could try renaming the .folder it created and ie .mozilla and go back into firefox and see if it saves then…

  • @tifriis_
    Firefox (with a custom user.js) is my preferred choice when it comes to privacy and so on.

    I had that problem with Firefox last year. In the end the only way I could cure it was delete my folder in .mozilla/firefox/ - drastic but it worked for me. And now when I’m installing everything from scratch, I use ‘firefox -profilemanager’ in alt+f2 to do the initial firefox setup - it seems to prevent hiccups.

  • @joekamprad thanks for your message. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the same as you. I wonder why …
    By curiosity, witch browser do you use ?

    @wayneward I’m using gnome desktop and I’m logged into Firefox (but I don’t synchronize my passwords). I try to synchronize my passwords but the problem is still on.

    @Remontoire2 I’ll try this after making a save of my Firefox data. Thanks !

  • @tifriis_ i am on vivaldi for long time now.

    i would say resetting the configs by:

    mv ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla.original

    will be a workaround!

  • Are you using a password manager add-on? that might prevent it…

  • Hello everyone.

    I just figure out !
    I don’t know why, but in the “History” settings, if you choose “Never remember history” you can’t select the option “Remember logins and passwords for websites”.

    If you choose “Use custom settings for history” or “Remember history”, it works !

    Thanks for your help !

  • @tifriis_ looks like a bug!

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