• Antergos successful instal but can't boot into it.

    Hi, so I’m able to install Antergos successfully, however after installation I cannot access it. Grub won’t pop up and it would automatically boot into windows. I’m using two hard drives one ssd and another traditional hard disk drive. I partitioned my traditional hard drive and plan/want to keep/run antergos through there and I believe my windows is installed on my ssd.

    Here are some pics of my documentation of what I have done/what is going on: https://imgur.com/a/2J3Fx

    Secure Boot and fastboot: Disabled

    I reinstalled Antergos at least like 7 times now and tried to change where to put the /boot/efi/ and still cannot get it to work. I also tried to change bootloader location where I set up the /boot/efi/ to my LRS_ESP in my traditional hard disk drive and that didn’t work.

    I’m basically stuck and don’t know what to do.

    Any help is appreciated thanks. :)

  • https://antergos.com/wiki/install/how-to-dual-boot-antergos-windows-uefi-expanded-by-linuxhat/

    this are the two wiki entries to get dualbooting with windows…


    sda1 = efi fat32
    sdb2 = /boot
    sdb3 = / ??
    sdb4 = swap
    sdb5 = /home

    usually you choose the efi fat32 partition to use it :

  • and:
    welcome at antergos forum!🎯

  • @joekamprad

    Hi, yes uhhh I will like to say sorry for being nooby since this is my first time using/installing linux. I’ll like to apologize if I do/say anything that is dumb.

    I did use this tutorial while trying to install it. I believe this is what is given if you select need help dual booting during the installation phase.

    Ummm so did I place the /boot/efi correctly? To my knowledge it is in sda1 (according to your post) correct?

    Uhhh yeah usually you partition one drive and install antergos alongside windows right? I was thinking about doing this if there is absolutely no solution. I would just nuke my system and just start fresh. Thing is, is that my ssd is kind of small so I won’t be able to allocate a lot of space for antergos. As of rn I have 27.4 gb free out of 117 gb on my ssd. My brother was able to dual boot with antergos in his traditional hard disk drive (we have the exact same pc except for different ram), but he did it like it like a year ago and forgot how to do it. He said that maybe he created a new /boot/efi? I’m not sure/don’t know if this is possible or not.

    Also sdb3 is something that came preinstalled with this prebuilt idk what it’s for.

    Thanks for the welcome though I greatly appreciate it and this looks like a fun community. Hopefully I get this to work and I’ll be a regular on this. :)

  • @joekamprad

    Thank you for the friendly invite I hope I’ll become a regular here :)

  • no need to ave installation on the same drive as windows, i never do that i have one drive exclusive for windows and one for Linux.

    The problem on EFI systems is that there are a lot different systems, and also windows have many different solutions for recovery on preinstalled systems…

    It is possible also to create a new efi on the drive you install Antergos… but most best solution is to add antergos boot entry to windows efi partition, to get dualboot work…

  • @joekamprad

    In order to add antergos boot entry to windows efi partition is this step according to the tutorial correct?


    I tried doing this, but no luck having grub to show up / booting into linux. Maybe this isn’t the correct efi fat 32 maybe it’s in disk 1 is this a possibility?

  • but your spinning drive partition-table looks a bit mixed up to me… and all this preinstalled recovery/OEM partitions are not the best to have an easy install… drive D: is data storage ?
    This looks like you have a OEM data backup mechansm on windows too ?

  • D: = D:/

  • @joekamprad

    Hahah, yes there is also a recovery drive from oem I tried to delete it, but no luck and their tech support won’t allow me to do it as well :( .

    My brother was able to do it though so there is a way, just that it’s unknown now.

    and haha thanks for the tip to use this emoji :D

  • what is needed is:

    • minimum 20GB for /
    • 40GB for /home (minimum)
    • /boot not needed as it will be placed under /
    • swap with the same size as RAM onto your system (not needed but i would use it )
  • It is not possible to remove the 30GB and 500MB partitions inside Antergos installer ?I would keep the ntfs data partition as you will have data there … would be better at the end of the drive…

  • You have also gparted aviable on the Live ISO:
    so you can may remove the not needed partitions with it before starting installer…

    See you to morrow then and have a good rest ;)

  • @joekamprad

    Yes, I won’t have enough to on my ssd to support both windows and linux.

    As far as deleting those oem partisions I cannot, I don’t have access to it.

    I was thinking if it was possible to install windows and linux on the ssd and have all the files saved to the other hard drive? For example correct me if I’m wrong or if this is possible, but can I install windows and linux (it’s /root and /boot/efi on the ssd) and have it’s /home on the other hard drive alongside windows saving my other files on there as well?

  • sure, you can spread your partitions and folders where you want under linux :)

    I have my videos pictures music and documents folders on a 3rd harddrive (data) and i bind them to my home folder inside fstab:

    #binding sdc1 (data) to home
    #/dev/sdc1	/mnt/daten	ext4	defaults	0 5
    UUID=3fbb848XXXXXXXXXXXXff89	/mnt/daten      ext4    defaults        0 5
    /mnt/daten/Bilder	/home/killajoe/Bilder	auto	bind	0 0
    /mnt/daten/Dokumente	/home/killajoe/Dokumente  auto    bind    0 0
    /mnt/daten/Videos	/home/killajoe/Videos  auto    bind    0 0
    /mnt/daten/Musik	/home/killajoe/Musik  auto    bind    0 0

    as you can see drive is mounted under /mnt/daten and folders from this are “bind” under my home…

  • @joekamprad

    Hey Joe, sorry for the late reply I was just busy with life.

    Just wanted to let you know that I finally installed Antergos today. :D

    I love the lightweight feeling of it, but I’m having some other issues that I will post soon.

  • Can i know how did u manage to install it with grub? im trying to install this on my dell 7567 laptop. it has 120gb ssd and 500gb hdd. ive been reinstalling this so many times… i tried increasing my efi partition size but the grub still doesnt show up

  • @airdahlia77 open a new thread and we will do all possible to help you!


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