• vivaldi browser: worse a try?

    There is a lot of talking about browsers and special about vivaldi, so here is the place to give vivaldi a try and discuss the why and whats :)

  • @joekamprad Joe, thank you for your posts re Vivaldi. Yesterday, I mentioned about the foreign language spell check feature not being present in Vivaldi. I have used the browser at your suggestion and quite like it … I am not one to fuss about the order of bookmarks as I tend to use a speed dial extension on the first page … and the one by Stepanov is great. Here is a screen shot about what is missing IMHO, taken from Chrome. 0_1518723064365_3d2b25f7-ea83-4c85-ae89-5a812bbe17b6-image.png from the Gogle

  • @joekamprad Joe, I do not need a translator. I am fully fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and Chinese. I just like to be able to automatically check my spelling as I am working to make sure that I do not appear as idiot. I do not translate online translators at all … sometimes they quite mangle thelanguage. I can do the translation myself … I just need to check the orthography.

  • Installed Vivaldi, installed extensions ScriptSafe, uMatrix and uBlock. Those are the bare minimum to open every single page.

    So I never used Googles browser and I’m ok with Firefox. Also it works well with a couple or more ad blockers and that is the most important subject on the web.

    Worth a try? Yes, I’m going to install it on my desktop too. And compare some pages I use everyday.

  • i have tried vivaldi have sure a addon repo with all thingles with vivaldi also te ffmpeg-codecs, i liked the way vivaldi on a part, you can custimes te bar to the bottom but im more a chromium user :)

  • @ringo32 i was using chromium till it reach the market, but with vivaldi you get some nice things extra (special the version from Antergos with widevine and ffmpeg enabled inside one package!) + startpage with favorites, and a advanced history, tab handling, easy settings, and all the changable ways to customize it …

  • How does Vivaldi integrate visually with the GNOME desktop? I am now using Chromium as it fits quite nice - not perfectly - with GNOME and everything works out of the box (Google Sheets, Netflix, e-banking services etc). How does Vivaldi stack against Chromium on terms of usability?

  • The usabilty of Vivaldi within Gnome is excellent, Chromium however has the advantage that it blends in visually better within Gnome. This is because GTK theming is better in comparison with Vivaldi. However that’s the only thing that mixes in better, I prefer Vivaldi over Chromium in usability.

  • @joekamprad yeah i noticed it ;:)

  • @tasoskane visually vivaldi is a bit square but if you take a gtk theme like arc and setting colours inside vivaldi to the same it fits 100%:

    Bild Text

  • The only thing I do not like in Vivaldi is lack of possibility to drag and make new window from a tab. It’s possible in any other browser I’m using. Or maybe I’m missing something?

  • team works towards the next major Chromium backend upgrade!


  • @joekamprad I’m using it as I write this post. Personally I love vertical tabs and many other customization setting for which you’d need an extension on other browsers (something I try to avoid for performance and stability reasons).
    There are a few things missing, but it’s proving to be fast and reliable to me.
    It’s more than worth a try if you ask me.

  • I still need to get used to some shortcuts.
    For instance, select the address bar usually is: Alt-D. With Vivaldi this is Ctrl-L.
    For the rest: It’s a new skin on the chrome/chromium browser.
    I just hope it doesn’t send my browsing habits to Google ;)

    I’d say: Worth a try.

  • @herman-hofman
    If you don’t use google as a search engine, it doesn’t send the information.

  • @Bryanpwo Thanks. I (mostly) don’t. Only if I feel Qwant and DDG do not provide what I’m looking for.
    I just know/suspect Chrome does.
    I’d like a more privacy oriented browser. Hope Vivaldi is just that.

  • @herman-hofman
    I also use StartPage (Startpagina) often.

  • chromium there are several option to not send information to google :) have tried vivaldi but im more a chromium user :) i dont spend time to change browser, vivaldi got good option but chromium is always my failback :)

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