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    Greetings everyone…buenos días a todos…

    After having struggle with all the security issues on Windows 10, I completed wiped it off all of my devices … I wandered across so many Linux distros, some better than others, others worse than others, until I came across Antergos … I had expected another uphill battle of trying to get the PC to do what I wanted.

    I surely was very pleasantly surprised. Installation was effortless and transparent and probably the most helpful LInux installation that I have crome across. Being a Debian Linux user, I was at first hesitant about all the Arch command lines on pacman…changes does not come easy.

    That also being said, I have your distro up and running and customized to my heart’s content in less than three hours…I spent a good day on the Debian distro and the KDE distro of another distro just continuously crashed my laptop.

    Today I installed your distro on my LeNovo Ideapad 100S, a basic very light but featherweight laptop. It had been choking to death on Windows 10 … 2 gig of RAM, a Celeron 1.8 processor, and a 32 gig SSD.

    To my greatest happiness, your distro just sails on this little laptop…I have about 17 gig of SSD space left, no crashes so far, and I have loaded my entire bucket list of programs onto it… and I am learning the Arch terminal commands.

    Tomorrow I am going to install it on my Dell Inspiron A5 Intel, 8 gig RAM, 1 T harddrive, 17.5 inch scream. I am sure that it will just scream…

    Only one little glitch, and not just on your distro, but on every system that I have been on … Firefox is just too buggy, even the new version. And so I shouid say thank you very much to you all for your fully working and customized Chromium … Hulu, NetFlix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, it all works so perfectly.

    Y ya que viene el momento de clausurar a mi ensayo grande, me permito, en castellano, agradecer al muy amable peruano de su trabajo excelente y a lo igual del joven apreciado de Barcelona… saludos grandes a todos …

    Marcos Cisneros de Ximénez y Resphigi


  • you are welcome, friend!

    I moved your "hello"post to the right place.

  • @marco_cisneros give vivaldi browser a try we have it fully enabled with all needed plugs in our Repo!

  • @joekamprad Thank you very much … I had actually tried the Vivaldi browser out … it is perfect except for something that I need desperately in a browser … I could not find anyway to enable foreign language spell checking … like in Firefox and in Chromium … for me, it is a deal breaker as a I routinely work between four-to-five languages through the browser. I will look again but I just couldn’t find it. I do know that Opera has the ability to install foreign language packs for spellcheck…

    As for my post being in the wrong forum, well please forgive me … it did say Say Hello … the ingenuity of the newbies, I guess.

    All the best. Marcos Cisernos

  • Newbies are welcome at Antergos!
    You can use all extensions for chrome/chromium also inside Vivaldi, by going to Chrome-Store and install them.
    Also Google translate addon will work, I make lot of use of it too… as I am German…

  • Indeed, moderators, and especially @joekamprad are the most kind and helpful I’ve met anywhere. :)

    By the way: you made me curious enough to give a try to Vivaldi. It looks great, but misses some features I got used to. Besides the translation available on right click, which is really useful, I also couldn’t live without syncing my bookmarks. I’ve got PLENTY of them. Alright, I can import all into Vivaldi, but it doesn’t sync them between devices. So I must stick to Chrome/Chromium, at least for now.

  • @piotr yes bookmark syncing is a missed feature… I remember that they plan to get this included, but they do not want/can use Google’s sync feature… May it is possible with an add-on.

  • @joekamprad said in hello:

    they do not want/can use Google’s sync feature

    This could be worked around by just importing once, and switching to Vivaldi on all machines. Unfortunately except for my Chromebook, but I could live with it.

  • But we went off topic… end this here

  • @joekamprad Alright, and thanks. I’ll take a closer look at home.

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