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    I came from Manjaro Linux and I liked the vertex-mala mouse theme. I do not like the adwitha cursor theme. Adwitha is the only option. Can I change it and how?

  • @seaslrock12 said in Change cursor theme:

    …Can I change it

    Yes, you can.

    and how?

    Cursor themes are icon themes. As all system-wide icon themes, cursor themes are located in the /usr/share/icons folder. In Manjaro, find the folder with vertex-maia cursor theme inside it. Most probably it is called vertex-maia.

    Copy /usr/share/icons/vertex-maia folder from Manjaro to Antergos. Vertex-maia cursor theme will be available in Antergos with normal cursor theme selection tools.

  • or use pamac installer or yaourt or pacaur to install xcursor themes aviable:

    yaourt xcursor will show them all

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  • @joekamprad Thank you very, very much. This was helpful for sure. I downloaded all 76 of the cursor patterns. Again, thanks. Marcos Cisneros

  • Thanks to all of you!

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