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    I once set-up a kind of replication server for .deb packages on Ubuntu. This allowed us in the company to upgrade our Ubuntu systems from a local server that had the latest repository packages.
    I don’t remember if it only downloaded packages form the internet when a local system requested for the particular package to install.

    Now at home I have 3 systems running Antergos. I have bandwidth limitation by provider.
    On average I have quite some bandwidth to download if I want to keep my systems up-to-date.
    So I was wondering if there is a similar concept existing for Arch.

    I would like to use my home desktop PC as a kind of proxy. It should only download the packages needed for the desktop PC or the other systems (a portable and a NAS server)

    When the portable and NAS server need upgrades, they should point to the Desktop PC.

    In this way I would like to reduce bandwidth.

    Can anyone point me in the good direction, please?

  • this should be possible… also all packages are saved in pkgcache too…

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