• Can I change desktops, or should I re-install?


    I have been using antergos for a few weeks now on 2 computers for work and it’s been really nice. It installed quickly and I can update everything easily just like arch. I’ve been using gnome, which I selected during the installation, but I’d like to try KDE now. I know I can install plasma-meta as per the arch wiki, but will that do the same as what the Antergos installer would do? And how can I completly remove Gnome if I decide I like KDE? Would I be better off reinstalling to avoid any conflicts caused by installing the 2 DEs on the same system?



  • I would not install KDE over GNOME at the same time… as you will have all the apps mixed up in the menus… but you can just install antergos-kde-meta log out and login to KDE/plasma and the uninstall GNOME from terminal:

    sudo pacman -Rsc antergos-gnome-meta

  • Thanks @joekamprad, that did the trick. There’s a couple small issues left after I set things up, but I’ll make another post in the KDE category.

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