• Question about clonezilla

    Does anyone know if and where clonezilla saves its logs ?

  • Clonezilla is meant to be run mostly from a CD. It’s hard to immagine that Clonezilla might include a software to write its logs onto a (rewritable) CD.

    I made it run from USB stick. The stick is made read-only, for security reasons - thus, no logs again.

    If you run Clonezilla from within some other Linux, then two logs are available:

    • /var/log/clonezilla.log - the own Clonezilla’s log
    • /var/log/partclone.log - the content of the blue window with progress, which you see while Clonezilla backs up each partition

    I’d suggest to use FSArchiver instead of Clonezilla. It’s far more flexible than Clonezilla.

  • @just oh ok thanks

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