• LF - Looking for a web widget

    I thought I’d caught sight of a website or webcode widget but can’t find it again in the searches I’ve tried.
    What I’m trying to find is a widget that allows a code snippet and/or a webpage
    ie lets say the <a href code for a teamspeak website widget on your desktop.

    Anyone know anything about such a widget or tool I may had run across
    but can’t find now?

    Thankyou for input.

  • wouldn’t let me edit post darnit.
    It was a kde widget called webslice.
    While it comes close to what I want, but not exactly so if anyone finds a widget that lets you put in a piece of embed or html code, feel free to post down the road.

    The goal here is to add a teamspeak window to desktop to see who’s on.

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