• Arch Software manager freeze - Terminal not accepting password

    Hi. I am sure someone else has had these issues that can help. Newbie to Linux and have a very basic know how.

    As of 3 days ago Software Manager will not update. As soon as I have entered password to authenticate updates it freezes completely. While I was advised to force update through the terminal for a quick fix, the terminal will not accept my password. I have tried my login, root and encryption password. None work. It says I am not on the Sudoers list even though I am admin and this was not an issue 4 days ago. All fixes I have found don’t really apply to both issues and without access to the terminal I am crippled . If anyone can help both issues I would be eternally grateful.

    So I need help with:

    • Software Updater (Freezing)
    • Terminal not accepting password
    • How to fix and avoid the update issue in the first place.
  • HI.

    1. I’m going to assume that you have adjusted for CAPS in the terminal. That is, CAPS are OFF or ON dependant upon your password or course.
    2. If your sure about the CAPS, then go ahead and try this.
      usermod -U root
      this will try to unlock the root account.
      read man usermod to see and/or understand what your doing.
    3. If the above does not work, then try
      chmod u+s /bin/su because maybe your suid permission was lost.
    4. If that does not work, then make sure that su is in the wheel group.
      You might want to read man usermod to be a bit prepared and/or to understand what you are about to do.
      If you don’t see your wheel, then yes, you will fail in your atttempts as you’ve been.
      In order to make your user , “KriahG” the administer, KriahG has to be in the wheel.
    5. On the off chance that you need to or want to change your password afterwards when all is then good, read man passwd
      Always, always read the synopsis of any particular command in the man pages of said command.
      In order to exit any man pages, read what it says on the bottom of your termial.
      It will say “Manual page ‘the-command-you-looked-up’(1) line 1 (press h for help or q to quit)

    I’m mentioning all of this because you said that your new to Linux so I’m just giving you some information which should help you out in your journey through in using LInux.

    Let us know how things have gone.
    Post here if either it went good or bad and we’ll do our best.

  • Hi again, I have to double post because I’m experiencing issues in editing my post to give you a bit more information.

    And as for updating, because your new to Linux, I’d strongly encourage you to start and become familiar in using the terminal.
    GUI’s are for pussy’s.

    skip the GUI and do sudo -s
    This puts you in a sudo shell.
    Read man sudo to learn a bit about what I mean.
    Then do pacman -Syu to update.
    Termiinal is much quicker for downloading as well.
    GUI’s, because you’ve a front end, is going to be a bit slow.

    Also, because your using an Arch based system, I’d also strongly encourage you to bookmark the Arch Wiki.

    Hope that some of my information has given you a boost :)

  • @modisc Thank you. I have now tried all your suggestions. Regrettably none worked. I am sure they usually would but as the terminal is insisting on a password that hasn’t changed since set up I can’t get it to action any of it. CAPS is definitely not on.

    I really appreciate the info and the reading references. Will have a deeper look into them to understand Linux better then try again and let you know.

  • Hi again @KriahG

    Ok. that’s fine that you tried them and they didn’t work.
    Now we go to the next step.
    I personally have never done this but we can give it a try.
    It should work.

    Prepare to change your password via grub.
    First read up on the Arch Wiki on what you about to do.
    Pay especial attention to the line that says:

    “Select the kernel line and press e again to edit it.”

    I suggest to take a photo of this short instruction on the ARch Wiki so that you can refer to it.
    Also, if you haven’t done so yet, read man passwd to familiarize yourself with this command.

    If your not sure or are somewhat unfamiliar with what you are about to do, state here in this post before you begin and we’ll work on it.

    The other option is to use chroot but that’s a bit more complicated for you.
    We can try that option later is things go tits up.

    A third option that I’ll put on the table is from this link here:


    That last one is very similar to the original chroot I just mentioned earlier but much, much simpler.

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