• SO... pacman -Rsn <name>

    As far as i know Linux doesn’t have registry… i installed bomi media player then i chose the theme retro and now when i right click into the player i cant see any menu they are all black then i used sudo pacman -Rsn bomi then i rebooted and re installed bomi and still the default theme is metro and still right click menu is all black

    Do tell me what am i doing wrong…

  • @dreamtraveler Does changing a theme to darker or lighter help anything?

  • @manuel i cant change the theme when i try to do that bomi exits …:S

  • @dreamtraveler
    Can you try some other media player? Preferably something not from AUR. For example, gnome-mpv or baka-mplayer?

    Though I haven’t used neither of them. I use mpv directly.

  • Just tried baka-mplayer and it seems nice.

  • @manuel forgive me but that is not a solution to my problem…

  • @dreamtraveler
    Don’t know about bomi, but there is also bomi-git, have you tried that?

  • @dreamtraveler said in SO... pacman -Rsn <name>:


    you will have configuration under your users home too, and tey will not be removed with uninstalling!

    would be interesting what DE you are using.

  • do you try/have installed other qt apps ? cinnamon also is gtk and you will need to setup theming for qt apps.

  • @joekamprad also i need to mention that i did a sudo nemo searched the OS disk for bomi deleted everything and now when i install bomi in the start menu i get no icon of the app

  • @joekamprad sorry i didnt know that

  • so may icon removed from theme …

  • i try build bomi first and it fails here, now i try building bomi-git ;)

  • git version work fine here (under i3-xfce) 0_1518468653349_Bildschirmfoto_2018-02-12_21-44-11.png

  • after using qt5ct

  • @joekamprad are you allowed to change theme to metro ?

  • yes changing theme is working without crashing :

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