• Why does Antergos contain its own version of Etcher?

    It’s been a long while that Etcher has been updated upstream but Antergos still contains the old 1.2.1 version. In AUR the new version is already available for a long time.

    Why do the devs add their own version of etcher if they can’t even keep it up-to-date? No offence, but I don’t get the point when AUR’s one is better maintained.

  • @earthmind
    The AUR package (etcher-cli) is a command line version.
    But it is true that Antergos official release is outdated.

  • Yes we see that one because the Antergos version is hiding the AUR version. But there is actually also a GUI version in AUR

  • yes i do a pull request on etcher at github already… but @developers do not get the time to merge it jet…

  • @earthmind if you use yaourt without options like this it will show all versions aviable:

    yaourt etcher
    1 antergos/etcher 1.2.1-1
        Burn images to SD cards & USB drives, safe & easy
    2 aur/artefetcher-qt4 0.7.0-1 (3) (0,00)
        A video grabber for Arte Catch UP TV - QT4 version
    3 aur/artefetcher-qt5 0.7.0-2 (14) (0,67)
        A video grabber for Arte Catch UP TV - QT5 version
    4 aur/aur-comment-fetcher-git r20.c3f0e12-1 (4) (0,02)
        A simple script fetching the comments of packages in AUR
    5 aur/clyrics 0.09-1 (16) (0,31)
        An extensible lyrics fetcher, with daemon support for cmus and mocp.
    6 aur/clyrics-git 0.09-1 (3) (0,00)
        An extensible lyrics fetcher, with daemon support for cmus and mocp.
    7 aur/docfetcher 1.1.19-3 (13) (0,22)
        A java open source desktop search application
    8 aur/etcher 1.3.1-1 (115) (13,69)
        Burn images to SD cards & USB drives, safe & easy
    9 aur/etcher-cli 1.3.1-1 (10) (3,79)
        Burn images to SD cards & USB drives, safe & easy

    then you can choose by typing the number…

  • Wasn’t aware that pamac hides the AUR version of etcher (probably because of the same name as the official package?). Doesn’t sound a good idea to hide packages like that. Even though we have yaourt (and others) to show AUR packages, pamac should do that too if AUR support has been enabled.

    As a workaround for this pamac problem, Antergos etcher could/should be renamed to e.g. etcher-antergos.

  • This is not possible, as it will cause a conflict. If you install from AUR over this from Antergos, and name is different it would need the AUR build to know about the conflict, but we can not ask archlinux to include this to their AUR build…

    Antergos Repository is on top of pacman.conf so it will install the package from Antergos instead of building from AUR. Usually Antergos package will have the same version, as the AUR build.

    So there will be no reason to provide them both by default.

  • …and the version from AUR is not a hidden package it is a PKGBUILD👓

  • @joekamprad
    Thanks for the explanation, that sounds reasonable.
    So, when Antergos and AUR packages may conflict, the only practical and working solution is to keep Antergos package up to date and hide the AUR package.

    And we the users have the responsibility to inform devs if an Antergos package is left outdated!
    Well done @EarthMind :)

  • And create a pull request at GitHub, If you know how to 😊

  • Informing can be done by create a bug report, or by hashtagging it in a post here @developers

  • I’d rather not notify anyone of this, but to ask them to remove unnecessary packages. Antergos and Arch are all about rolling release using bleeding edge software. This package is kept properly up-to-date in AUR, so why even add one in Antergos’ repo? @developers

  • @joekamprad Only luv for you friend

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