• My panel is gone on top of my my desktop

    I lost the panel “Activity manager with only icons” on th top of my desktop in Antergos. Is it possible to regain it or do I have to reinstall my system?

  • If you’re using Kde, and it lost desktop wallpaper and panel(s) but applications still continue to work - may be launched with keyboard shortcuts - then there’s a simple solution, which usually works in all distros:

    Simply delete the ~/.cache folder.

    Many applications’ surrent state will be lost, but Kde desktop will return to work normally. You’ll also gain from 700M to 1,2G of disk space.

  • @just
    In my main Xfce installation I’d gain directly 488 MB of disk space, but I don’t have many applications installed. Naturally, applications will again start using that space, but I suppose net gain is still something.

  • @just
    I deleted the folder .cache and rebooted but it didn help.

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