• /etc/inittab missing?

    Recently I built a new computer with an NVIDIA GT 1030. While trying to install some drivers for it, I ran into problems because I was “already running the X server” (even when I logged out and used Ctrl+Alt+FX to switch to a non-graphical tty terminal).

    Reading this guide, it looks like I have to change the system to boot directly to a non-X system. However, I can’t find /etc/inittab.

    $ find /etc/inittab
    find: ‘/etc/inittab’: No such file or directory

    This is a system prebuilt from scratch, so maybe if I didn’t put something together right that could be it. Also, there are no animations in GNOME Shell even though they are enabled in Tweaks, if that could have anything to do with it.

    I heard that systemd doesn’t support runlevels, if that’s the case how can I install the driver?

    If you need me to supply more information I’d be happy to. =)

  • @nonoesimposible OK, I simply installed the drivers that came already packaged with Arch instead of the ones from Nvidia’s website. Now I can see all shell animations and they are insanely smooth! Big step over my old integrated graphics.

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