I am new to Antergos and after installing to my laptop (full encryption) and booting, I saw the grub graphics page in very low quality and slow in reactions with the keyboard. I chose to boot with the default choice and suddenly everything in my screen appeared like big white squares!

I haven’t ever seen something like that before and my first thought was to change something related to the screen in grub. So I pressed “E” to edit and saw a line “set gfxpayload=keep” that I had no idea of its purpose (I only remember vga=). I removed it and voila - the system booted and everything is fine.

So afterwards, I searched a bit and read that is related to the screen resolution. Not sure what to do, I removed it entirely and rendered the grub config again.

Does anyone know what this is really about and what should I change it to? I also want to mention that the grub splash screen remains in super low resolution.