I´m a new Antergos+Deepin user, in a multiboot with Ubuntu.

What is my problem ? I share my home between my two OS, and I want to use the same fgallaire user.

Here are the default users for each distribution:
Ubuntu: fgallaire(1000) fgallaire(1000)
Antergos: fgallaire(1000) users(995)

In more on antergos we have sambashare(1000)

On antergos when I create a new user test:
useradd: test(1001) test(1001)
Deepin GUI: test(1001) test(1001)

So the CLI and GUI default numberings are the same as the Ubuntu one, so we can say it´s a sane behavior.

So we have an installer behavior which is different, and it´s my problem: it makes my X session fail.

I understand the idea behind the users(995) group, but the sambashare(1000) is completely insane.

So devs, what do you think about that ?