• Installing a wifi-usb driver on antergos

    so my old usb wifi driver broke, so i had to install another one.

    the last one was plug and play for my antergos build. but now, i have to install the driver manually. i have the compressed driver files on my desktop.

    for as i understand, i have to follow the instructions on a pdf. sadly it seems i can’t upload the pdf here for some reason. but i can link you the site where i downloaded the driver: http://www.szedup.com/support/driver-download/ep-db1607-driver/

    EDIT: the name of the driver in windows is RealteK RTL8811AU

  • ]$ yaourt RealteK
    1 community/r8168 8.045.08-27
        A kernel module for Realtek 8168 network cards
    2 community/r8168-lts 8.045.08-11
        A kernel module for Realtek 8168 network cards for linux-lts
    3 community/rtl-sdr 20140210-3
        Driver for Realtek RTL2832U, allowing general purpose software defined 
        radio (SDR).
    4 aur/8188eu-dkms v4.3.0.8_13968-6 (16) (0,96)
        Driver for Realtek RTL8188EUS (RTL8188EUS, RTL8188ETV) WLAN
    5 aur/8189fs-git a-1 (1) (0,00)
        Kernel module for Realtek RTL8189FTV SDIO wireless devices.
    6 aur/8192cu-dkms v4.0.2_9000-13 (91) (0,14)
        Driver for Realtek RTL8188CUS (8188C, 8192C) chipset wireless cards
    7 aur/8192eu-dkms 38.49a0fb5-1 (5) (0,09)
        Driver for the Realtek 8192eu chipset (DKMS)
    8 aur/linux-x205ta-sound 27-1 (0) (0,00)
        Pre-built linux kernel with Pierre Bossart's patches to get the ASUS 
        x205ta's Realtek RT5648 sound card working. Binary provided by 
    9 aur/python-pyrtlsdr 0.2.4-1 (1) (0,00)
        A Python wrapper for librtlsdr (a driver for Realtek RTL2832U based SDR's)
    10 aur/python-pyrtlsdr-git r111.e1e4ccf-1 (8) (0,00)
        A Python wrapper for librtlsdr (a driver for Realtek RTL2832U based SDR's)
    11 aur/python2-pyrtlsdr 0.2.4-1 (1) (0,00)
        A Python wrapper for librtlsdr (a driver for Realtek RTL2832U based SDR's)
    12 aur/python2-pyrtlsdr-git r111.e1e4ccf-1 (8) (0,00)
        A Python wrapper for librtlsdr (a driver for Realtek RTL2832U based SDR's)
    13 aur/r8101-dkms 1.032.04-2 (4) (0,91)
        r8101 realtek lan drivers (DKMS)
    14 aur/r8152-dkms 2.08.0-1 (Out of Date) (3) (0,35)
        A kernel module for Realtek 8152 network adapters
    15 aur/r8168-aufs 8.043.02-4 (1) (0,00)
        A kernel module for Realtek 8168 network cards(AUFS Friendly Kernel)
    16 aur/r8168-dkms 8.045.08-3 (8) (0,00)
        A kernel module for Realtek 8168 network cards
    17 aur/r8168-pf 8.045.08-1 (0) (0,00)
        A kernel module for Realtek 8168 network cards(pf kernel)
    18 aur/r8169aspm-dkms v1.1-2 (3) (1,20)
        Driver for Realtek Ethernet chips with aspm enabled for power saving
    19 aur/rtl-sdr-git 1:v0.5.3.r18.gb04c2f9-1 (27) (0,39)
        Tuner for DVB-T sticks based on the Realtek RTL2832U, which can be used as 
        a cheap SDR, since the chip allows transferring the raw I/Q samples to the 
    20 aur/rtl-sdr-keenerd-git r385.0d825fe-1 (6) (0,00)
        Turns Realtek RTL2832 based DVB dongle into a SDR receiver transferring 
        the raw I/Q samples to the host. Keenerd's experimental fork.
    21 aur/rtl8187se 4.0-1 (2) (0,00)
        Realtek PCI Express wireless driver for use in newer kernels
    22 aur/rtl8192du-git 84d1edb-1 (4) (0,38)
        Kernel module for Realtek RTL8192DU USB wireless devices.
    23 aur/rtl8192eu (4) (0,92)
        Driver for the Realtek8192eu chipset.
    24 aur/rtl8192su-git 1f09c7a-3 (Out of Date) (3) (0,01)
        Kernel module for Realtek RTL8188SU/RTL8191SU/RTL8192SU devices
    25 aur/rtl8812au-inject-dkms-git r44.2577553-1 (6) (0,56)
        A kernel module for Realtek 8812au network cards with dkms support, with 
        monitor mode and injection support
    26 aur/rtl8812au-rpi-dkms-git 0.r68.92875e4-1 (1) (0,02)
        Realtek 802.11n WLAN Adapter Linux driver for rtl8812au (patched for the 
        Raspberry Pi)
    27 aur/rtl8812au_8821au_linux-dkms-git 4.3.14.r168.3059b62-1 (7) (1,53)
        Realtek 8812AU/8821AU USB WiFi driver for AC1200 (801.11ac) Wireless 
        Dual-Band USB Adapter
    28 aur/rtl_433-git 20150518-2 (8) (0,03)
        Turns your Realtek RTL2832 based DVB dongle into a 433.92MHz generic data 
    29 aur/rtlsdr-waterfall 7b424fa2b8-1 (0) (0,00)
        rtlsdr spectrum plot / Python FFT GUI for Realtek RTL2832U based SDR's
    30 aur/rtlwifi_new-dkms r221.01cbe67-2 (Out of Date) (15) (0,10)
        Newest Realtek rtlwifi codes
    31 aur/rts5227-dkms 1.07-4 (Out of Date) (2) (0,58)
        Driver to support Realtek RTS5227/5229 SD Card Reader
    32 aur/rts_bpp-dkms-git 6-1 (1) (0,00)
        A kernel module for Realtek Card Reader RTL8402/8411/8411B Device
    ==> Introduzca el número de los paquetes que desea instalar (ejemplos: 1 2 3 ó 1-3)
    ==> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/rtl8821au-dkms-git/

    rtl8821AU, rtl8812AU and rtl8811AU chipset driver with firmware v5.1.5


    will be the right driver , working also on updates of kernel as it uses dkms.

  • @joekamprad
    awesome! the big problem is that i don’t have internet in linux. i could download the files on a flash drive in windows and then install it in linux. But i don’t know how.

  • @juasjuasie a bit difficult because you need to build a package… if you want i can build this and offer a link to download the ready package, so that you can copy from stick and install with
    sudo pacman -U packagename.tar.gz


  • If you have an Android smartphone, you could use USB-tethering (also possible when connected to your wifi). Your system will recognize this as a wired internet connection. This way, you might be able to download your driver without the hassle of installing it offline.

  • @joekamprad i will try to use the usb-thetering that @niels1995 suggested. if it doesn’t work, i will try to contact you for the link (also thank you :) ).

  • http://kamprad.net/Downloads/rtl8821au-dkms-git-dkms.zip

    Needs to be unziped as you will need dkms also, and i am not sure you will may need some more dependencies for dkms installed first… so better try tethering the lessest to install dkms nd then you can use the rtl package if you have troubles building it…

  • Thank you! i will try what you guys suggested me when i go home.

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