• reflector-antergos (obsolete, use remirror instead!)

    Hi all!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: please use remirror instead of reflector-antergos. More info about remirror can be found at https://forum.antergos.com/topic/10648/new-package-remirror-obsoletes-reflector-antergos. Reflector-antergos is no more maintained.

    EDIT!! Please look at https://github.com/manuel-192/antergos-reflector/raw/master/PKGBUILD since I’ve decided to maintain this package there! :) :)
    Please check also https://github.com/manuel-192/antergos-reflector for latest info.

    My reflector-antergos script has been “on ice” for a couple of months, but now I’ll put it publicly available here!

    The script is meant to do something similar with Antergos mirros as what the official reflector package is doing for the Arch mirrors, i.e. find the “best” mirrors for you.
    Admittedly it is not an ideal implementation, but at least works for me. ;)

    The usage of reflector-antergos is slightly different from reflector, mainly in two ways:

    1. The options are different (but shouldn’t be hard to understand what they do).
    2. This script asks user the permission to save the results into /etc/pacman.d/antergos-mirrorlist, first showing what it has found.

    By running command

    reflector-antergos -h

    it gives some explanation about all available options.

    And here’s the reflector-antergos script: Please check the github link above!

    (Code removed)

    As you can see, currently the reflector-antergos version is 1.15.
    I plan to include all future modifications into this post.
    EDIT: this will be maintained only on github from now on.

    To use this, copy the script to a file /usr/local/bin/reflector-antergos and make it executable

  • Where’s the dona$e button?? Cause it’s a hot script!

  • @casquinhas
    Hahaha… no such button, I’m doing this just for fun now. :)
    But let’s see if this becomes something more than a hobby and I learn to write proper programs. ;)

  • I will look forward whe antergos package it ad mayby build a gui around it would be awesome :)


    The PKGBUILD is now available here: https://github.com/manuel-192/antergos-reflector/raw/master/PKGBUILD since I’m maintaining reflector-antergos there.

    So you may now install it as a package!

    Enjoy! :)

  • This is amazing @manuel :) . Thank you so much for making these.

  • currently hanging in usa i wait :)

  • some way how to bugg track? :)


  • Thanks guys! :)

    @ringo32 I was hoping that all possible bugs could be handled in this thread. :)
    Did you already find a bug? If you did, I’d like to fix all (or nearly all) known bugs before doing any new developments.

    And I already updated reflector-antergos to 1.16, please check github about the latest release. It is not a big change, but now it can detect if there are no up-to-date mirrors available (and that may be caused by excluding countries too much…).

    In fact just a moment ago I detected such a situation, all mirrors worldwide were outdated!

  • @joekamprad
    Could you show us all what is the best way to use your repo, preferably in pamac?
    And possibly in pacman, too… :)

    EDIT: oh I found it already in the end of your download page http://kamprad.net/Downloads/antergos-packages/ :)

  • @manuel I keep it simple,😎

  • would be nice to get this working together with my plan to create a systemd-timer to update mirrorlists weekly !

  • @joekamprad
    Do you need any help from me?

  • @manuel only questions ;)

    • To use reflector-antergos it will need to run without prompting.
    • i need some script to save original mirorlist, and also use them on updating the mirrorlist as it will not do a good job if you use the ranked list …
  • @joekamprad
    Just give me some time and I’ll figure something out.

  • @joekamprad
    There’s a new release 1.17. It includes a new option –prompting that either enables or disables the prompting about accepting the new ranked list.

    But the second item: the script already stores the old version of the ranked list to a .bak file. Is that what you meant? Or something else?

    And one more change: 1.17 no more uses the extra files in directory /etc/pacman.d.
    The only files it handles there are antergos-mirrorlist and antergos-mirrorlist.bak.

  • mmm i thought i leaved a message, i just wanna say the delay was not this time it worked…

  • @ringo32
    There may be delays when reflector-antergos tests the speed of mirrors. Some mirrors do have quite a big delay (I’ve seen minutes on one mirror), but often those mirrors are quite far away from your location.

    Those far away countries can be excluded using the --exclude-countries option, which is actually quite sensible thing to do.

  • i would say group is Europe / US only search in those distand, atleast it small te search range

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